Seul Ventures is an investment management firm engaged in Solar PV projects around the world. Seul Ventures takes on various roles in its investments, ranging from equity to senior debt provider. The geographical focus is on Germany, Netherlands, US, Turkey, India, Philippines, and South Africa. The goal for end of 2017 is to hold a portfolio of 200 MW in solar assets and to add the first 10 MW of assets in wind energy.


SEUL VENTURES has a professional team consist of engineers, estimators and financial analysis experts for project development. SEUL VENTURES’s main strength comes from this team. This team prepares feasibility analysis, cost estimations, general perspective of work and this team determines the best solution to optimize system performance and reach customer goals. Customer can benefit from SEUL VENTURES in many ways: leverage credibility of SEUL VENTURES as solar experts, maximize return on investment, save time and effort.